The Iwo Jima Commemorative Committee is asking for your help in producing a beautifully printed magazine to be given to each veteran and their family members attending the ceremony in February 2020. 

The magazine is being put together by committee volunteers. It will contain interviews, information about the battle, interesting facts, archival photographs, maps, and other valuable historical material about this iconic Marine Corps battle.

To that end, we are asking for your help in funding this project and have set up a GoFundMe site at the following link:


The funds are to be used only for the printing of the magazine as all research and compilation is being done by committee volunteers.

The value to the Veterans and their family members is priceless as their contribution to this country will be captured for historical purposes. Please help us make this gift to our Iwo Jima Survivors a reality. There are only a few left and we want to let them know how grateful we are for their service to our country.